The UW-Madison Bridge Team

The UW-Madison Bridge Program is co-directed by Professor Robert Hamers (faculty co-leader) and Dr. Desiree Bates (staff co-leader), along with a broader local steering committee that includes Prof. A.J. Boydston, Prof. Judith Burstyn, Dr. Arrietta Clauss, Prof. Mark Ediger, and Prof. Dan Weix.

Co-directors and Steering Committee

Professor Robert (Bob) Hamers
Prof. Robert (Bob) Hamers
Dr. Desiree Bates
Prof. AJ Boydston
Prof. Judith Burstyn
Dr. Arrietta Clauss
Prof. Mark Ediger
Prof. Dan Weix

Further advice is provided by an External Advisory Board (EAB), which includes Dr. Michelle Buchanan, Prof. Joseph Francisco, Prof. Rigoberto Hernandez, Prof. Malika Jeffries-El, Dr. Mukund Parthasarathy (Dow Chemical Co.), Prof. Jonathan Pelz, Dr. Winslow Sargeant, and Prof. Jonathan Urheim.

External Advisory Board

Dr. Michelle Buchanan
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Prof. Joseph Francisco
University of Pennsylvania
Prof. Rigoberto Hernandez
Johns Hopkins University
Prof. Malika Jeffries-El
Boston University
Prof. Jonathan Pelz
Ohio State University
Dr. Winslow Sargeant
Entrepreneur, S&T LLC
Prof. Jonathan Urheim
Indiana University