About the Bridge Program

The UW Bridge to the Chemistry Doctorate Program is a post-baccalaureate program aimed at increasing the number of students from under-represented minority groups who complete the Ph.D. degree in chemistry. The Bridge Program is a 21-month Research Master of Science (M.S.) degree program that is specifically designed to provide students a range of experiences and mentorship that will increase their chances of success in obtaining a Ph.D. in chemistry.   The UW Bridge Program is a partnership with the American Chemical Society, funded by the National Science Foundation INCLUDES Program together with funds from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School and the College of Letters and Science.

The Bridge Program combines coursework, individualized mentoring, and research experience to help Bridge Fellows successfully gain admission to world-leading Ph.D. programs in Chemistry at UW-Madison or other institutions.  Bridge Fellows receive full financial support (tuition, health insurance, and a living stipend) for the entire 21-month duration of the program and are awarded a M.S. in Chemistry upon successful completion of the program.

During the first semester, Fellows have the opportunity to rotate through several faculty-led research groups and identify a faculty mentor and specific research project that they then pursue through the remainder of the program, along with coursework, and mentoring on professional skills. A full fellowship is provided during the first semester. In later academic-year semesters Bridge Fellows will pursue their chosen research project, gain experience as teaching assistants,  and take classes as needed. Students are supported during the summer to conduct research on a full-time basis. Additional mentoring in writing and career skills are provided to increase Bridge Fellows’ readiness to write competitive applications to Chemistry Ph.D. programs and successfully compete for Ph.D. fellowship opportunities during their second year in the program.  All Bridge Fellows will be provided the opportunity to present their work at a National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.